Our vision

Our vision is to elevate the standard of rugby across Canada by making elite level training programs available to club rugby and high school athletes.

Our experience

Within our team is a mixture of experience with rugby at the club, provincial, university, professional and international level.  

We understand where you are and what it takes to get fit at every level of competition both in 15s and 7s.  

What we do

We connect domestic rugby players with world class strength and conditioning programs.

Our economical pricing allows us to connect with any sports team or organization. The real question becomes: What’s stopping you from joining?

who we train

We train any and all types of rugby players that play for clubs or schools across Canada. 


We are passionate and dedicated to creating and designing world class programming that is accessible to every rugby player in Canada. We pride ourselves in our diverse programs specifically engineered to achieve your goals



Head Office: Beautiful Victoria, BC​

Tel: 250-216-9676​