Gradyn Bowd

National Rugby player

I had Mylan as a strength coach first in 2016 and have played with Sawyer for several years at UVic.  Knowing Sawyer and Mylan I can say that they are both hard working, passionate individuals and seeing them team up to better rugby in Canada gets me excited!  If you’re looking to up your game - look no further than PPC.

Natalie Lesco

Canada u20 / StFX University

I have trained with Mylan for the past 3 years.  As a member of the St.FX Women's Rugby Team and the Under 20 Canadian Rugby team, Mylan encouraged me to implement new strengthening, conditioning, mobility and rehabilitation techniques into my training program. I highly recommend Mylan's expertise to any athlete who is looking to take their game to the next level.


 Canadian Armed Forces

I have been training with Mylan for just under a year now. The results I've achieved in that time have been amazing, I'm the strongest and healthiest I have ever felt. With my job having me travelling domestically and internationally Mylan has always worked with me to ensure I was still able to train with what I had available. Mylan is knowledgable and it is evident that he is passionate about his work. Even through distance and time zones, he has always been there to help me every step along the way to achieve my goals.


New Zealand Armed Forces

I've been doing online personal training for two years now and I've been working with Mylan for 9 months. The benefits of online personal training are endless. I found it hard to find a program that was tailored specifically towards my goals and ambitions before I got onboard with Mylan. My strength and fitness are continuing to improve over time, and so has my confidence and trust in the process. 

What you put into the program is exactly what you get out of it. Mylan is an abundance of knowledge and experience, and if you trust in your coach and the process, the possibilities are limitless.

Bobbie Martin

X-Women Soccer Captain 2013 & 2014

Mylan's training programs are tough and demanding, but the gains are worth every minute of the hard work. I encourage all elite-level athletes looking for top-notch strength & conditioning to get involved with Mylan's training programs.

Lindsay Taylor

Avid Snowboarder and Hiker

Mylan's workouts provided the results I was looking for. When I first started online training with Mylan I could barely do 10 push-ups and now I can do 30 push-ups no problem. As a women, I was nervous about weight training, but soon realized it's importance to help me reach my fitness goals. The balance between weight training and cardio workouts has been a key to my success. I've gained strength and muscle, lost fat and feel confident again. I would highly recommend online training with Mylan - his expertise and support has been an integral part of my fitness journey and success thus far.


Head Office: Beautiful Victoria, BC​

Tel: 250-216-9676​